Zviad Kardava

Developer Relations Google, Moscow, Russia

Zviad is a software engineer who’s mainly engaged in research and development of distributed systems, industrial IoT and high performance middleware. He feels passion for modern technologies, their development and hacking, as well as their reflection in academic science. Zviad holds a Master's degree from Bauman Moscow State Technical University and writing a PhD thesis in ibiz Zviad loves to discuss advanced technologies IRL and to encourage people to use them. He enjoys public speaking and sharing his experiences. Currently he resides in Moscow where he is an active GDG member.

  • GDE

    Google Developer Expert, Android

Denis Neklyudov

Sr. Mobile Engineer 90Seconds.tv, Singapore

Google Developer Expert who live together with Android for more than six years. He is also well known as co-host of famous Russian speaking Android development podcast. Now he’s working in Singapore at 90Seconds.tv.

  • GDE

    Google Developer Expert, Android

  • GDG

    Google Developer Group Goiania

Marcelo Quinta

Professor Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, Brazil

Master in software engineering, professor at Universidade Federal de Goias, mobile developer with 10 years experience with different platforms. Actually has many apps delivered around the world, from banks to startups, government and even planes. He is Google Developer Expert in Android, Intel Innovator, GDG Goiania organizer and Technology Mentor in Google Developers Launchpad Accelerator.

  • GDE

    Google Developer Expert, Android

  • GDG

    Google Developer Group

Alex Korovyansky

Technical Director Handsome, Omsk, Russia

Alex is a Google Developers Expert in Android and a Technical Director of Mobile & Devices department at Handsome. Together with team Alex creates beautiful experiences for global brands, including Facebook, Indeed, Nickelodeon. In 2011, Alex started Google Developer Group in Omsk and greatly influenced the growth of the regional IT-community through its organizational and expert effort. Currently Alex is enthusiastically working on a new ambitious project in the community — creative mobile laboratory, where developers can experiments with the very latest mobile technologies and devices (ex. SLAM, AR/VR, IoT, drones).

Edward Medvedev

Engineer Brocade, San Jose, USA

Edward is one of the main developers of StackStorm, an open-source platform for DevOps automation.

Tanay Pant

Mozilla Tech Speaker Mozilla, New Delhi, India

Tanay Pant is an Indian author, hacker, developer and tech enthusiast. He is best known for his work on "Building a Virtual Assistant for Raspberry Pi" and "Learning Firefox OS Application Development". He is also an official representative of Mozilla. He has been listed in the about:credits of the Firefox web browser for his contributions to the different open source projects of the Mozilla Foundation.

  • GDE

    Google Developer Expert, Web

Martin Splitt

Head of Engineering Archilogic, Zürich, Switzerland

Martin is a fullstack developer, yet he feels most at home in web technologies, working with WebVR, WebGL and Polymer.As a GDE, Mozillian and W3C contributor, he wants to help others to leverage and push the web platform.

Alexander Efremenkov

Android engineer Yandex.Taxi, Moscow, Russia

Alexander is develop the core of the platform of taximeter for Yandex.Taxi. In a free time I do an Android runtime researches, investigate VM performance aspects and write a few open-source projects.

Nikita Baksalyar

Developer MaidSafe, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Nikita is participant in the development of Rust compiler porting it to a new platform (Oracle Solaris OS and its variations available).

Yuriy Korzhenevskiy

Senior Software Engineer RND.center, Moscow, Russia

Yura is a software engineer at RND.center, blockchain R&D company that create distributed payment systems. Years ago, he worked at Yandex and developed from scratch company-wide vulnerability assessment system.

  • GDE

    Google Developer Expert, Web

Wilson Mendes

Senior Software Engineer Australia

Andrew Minkin

Team lead MadDevs.io, Bishkek

Andrew - team lead in MadDevs.io. The main programming language is Go."I design system and develop microservices."

Elena Grahovac

Senior Software Developer Openprovider, Novosibirsk, Russia

Elena writes microservices in Go at Openprovider, also she is a co-host of GolangShow podcast.

Igor Dolzhikov

SRE Openprovider, Novosibirsk, Russia

Igor works for Openprovider as SRE. He automates the process of microservice development at the company. He provides their reliability and high availability.

Marcin Moskala

Senior Android Developer GameKit, Poland

Kotlin Android developer with a passion. Active in open-source community. The author of ActivityStarter. Made big applications for Warta, Docplanner, and GameKit.

Sina Yazdanmehr

Information Security Consultant Infigo IS, Zagreb, Croatia

Sina Yazdanmehr is a penetration tester and information security consultant. His expertise is web and mobile applications security. He currently works for Infigo IS, and has worked for other security firms and CERT since 2009.

  • GDG

    Google Developer Group

Natalie Pistunovich

Backend Engineer Berlin, Germany

Natalie is a learner, a Gopher, and a public speaker. She co-founded Connta, a mobile platform in emerging countries helping store owners go online easily, based in Nairobi. Prior to that she was a Backend Developer at adjust in Berlin and a Silicon Integration Engineer at Intel. She graduated with a B.Sc. in Computer and Software Engineering from the Technion in Israel. In her free time she is co-leading the Berlin chapters of GDG Golang and Women Techmakers, volunteering with the Tunapanda coding school in Nairobi and sailing.

Yosun Chang

Hacker in Residence AReality3D, San Francisco, USA

Yosun is a creative hacker at heart - she uses emerging tech to build things previously considered impossible. She has a knack for making hacks in record time - fuels a one-person-shop boutique 3D AR VR rapid prototyping agency called Prototype48 and has won hundreds of hackathons, from TechCrunch Disrupt Grand Prize to coding competitions held by Intel, Microsoft, Google + more. Beyond iOS Android apps that use 3D graphics, computer vision and 9dof, she's CTO of multiple startups and has made killer software for every single depth camera device out there, from Intel RealSense to Tango to HoloLens.

  • GDG

    Google Developer Group

Sergey Melehin

Team Lead Ramax Intl., Vladivostok, Russia

Sergey is a software development team lead specializing on data-centric systems like billing, search engines, crawlers, etc. His projects include toll road interconnect systems, emply.ru CV parsing and scoring system and vertical search engine for vacancies. GDG Vladivostok leader, active tinkerer in robotics and machine learning.

Konstantin Tckhovrebov

Team Lead Senior Android Developer RedMadRobot, Saint Petersburg, Russia

I am in Android dev 5+ years. My last projects were huge, complex client side applications. I like solving architecture related tasks but also love grinding layouts and animations trying to archieve perfection. In addition I am contributor for several android opensource projects. Linux fan.

Natalia Neverova

Postdoctoral Researcher Facebook AI Research, Paris, France

Natalia is a research scientist on the Facebook AI Research (FAIR) team working on deep learning and computer vision. Before coming to FAIR, she obtained her PhD from INSA Lyon (France) and University of Guelph (Canada). She also spent several months as a visiting researcher at Google ATAP (USA) working on a large scale project on mobile authentication.

Dave Cheney

Software Engineer Atlassian, Sydney, Australia

David is a programmer, public speaker, and author from Sydney, Australia. David has been a contributor to the Go project since February 2011 and is an organiser of GopherCon Denver. David currently works at Atlassian building Kubernetes infrastructure for their internal platform as a service.

Alexey Genus

Software developer Sape, Moscow, Russia

Armagan Amcalar

Head of Software Engineering unu GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Armagan is the Head of Software Engineering at unu GmbH, and is currently working on building the infrastucture for the future of mobility. A software architect well versed in both the backend and frontend systems, he focuses on building resilient clouds. He loves open source and is the author of cote, a library for building microservices with Node.js.

David Vávra

CEO & Dev Lead Step Up Labs, Prague, Czech Republic

David is a Google Developer Expert for Android and Firebase. He is leading his startup and working on Android architecture of Settle Up. He is a core organizer in GDG Prague and loves open-source, gadgets, and LARP.

Sergey Ivanov

Software developer Tochka bank, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Andrey Solodovnikov

Lead Javascript Developer N1.RU, Krasnodar, Russia

Frontend and Javascript developer for 5 years at NGS Technologies Company while building various web services. Creator of Vue-server.js - SSR for Vue 1 (https://github.com/ngsru/vue-server). Lead developer and code architect at N1.RU (real estate listings and more). Vue.js core team member.

Ronald Harmsen

Principal consultant software development NForza, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ronald has been active in professional software development since the mid-90s and has worked on lots of different projects and technologies. Currently he mainly works with the .NET stack, Azure, Angular 2 & TypeScript. Ronald’s focus is on delivering well engineered and maintainable software, preferably by applying DDD & Eventstorming techniques. When not developing Ronald is training developers throughout Europe in the technologies above.

Anton Dudakov

Senior Android Developer Yandex, Moscow, Russia

Anton is an Android developer at Yandex. He's leading the development in Yandex Automotive laboratory, where embeds Yandex services in cars.

Eugene Komarov

Mobile and Devices Software Engineer Handsome, Omsk, Russia

Eugene holds a PhD in technical sciences with a focus on automatisation of industrial robots. Eugene believes that the future of our technical world lies somewhere on the intersection of thoughtful engineering and innovative software achievements.

Vladimir Kovalyov

Chief Architect Paymentwall, Berlin, Germany

Vladimir is a Chief Architect of Paymentwall, defining architecture behind Paymentwall products.

Svetlana Bozhko

Co-Founder HighDimension.io, London, UK

Svetlana has 5+ years in software engineering. She's been working as a server-side software engineer (primary using JVM languages - Java, Scala) for 5+ years in different areas such as banking, games and gambling, adtech, processing sensor data using AI and data engineering. She holds Masters's from Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics in stream data processing and big data analysis. She also runs a weekly tech podcast DevZen for 4k+ listeners per episode. She's been accepted to the best European tech accelerator in London - Entrepreneur First, where she was CTO and co-fonder of her own AI-startup. She also got a Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa from Tech City UK based on her tech background (there are only 200 visas of such a type available for the world annually). Now she runs her own company in the UK. She is also a Tech Nation Visa Ambassador at Tech City UK and a mentor at the second summer school on social entrepreneurship for Belarusian teenagers "SEI Youth: My First Business" supported by the European Union.

Yuri Strot

CTO Exyte, Novosibirsk, Russia

Yuri is a UX expert, open source advocate, cofounder and CTO of Exyte. He is a project lead of Macaw — a popular Swift vector graphics library for iOS, included in top 100 open source Swift projects on GitHub. Yuri leads the R&D department and experiments with VR/AR and other bleeding edge technologies. He has expert knowledge in a wide range of areas: before Exyte he worked on dozens of programming tools as a Technical Leader at Xored, contributed to the Fantom programming language and was part of the Speaktoit (API.AI) startup, acquired by Google.

Illya Klymov

CEO WookieeLabs, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Illya has 12 years of JS experience everywhere: from microcontrollers to cloud video rendering and more than 5 years of mentoring people on their way to JS world. Illya created and runs for 5 years own company, WookieeLabs, specializing in JS only solutions.

Artur Vasilov

Android developer Yandex, St. Petersburg, Russia

Artur is Android developer with large experience in many different apps. He is now working on Yandex application. Artur is a fan of good Android architecture and author of the largest free course for architecturing client-server apps. GDG Kazan & SPB Lead.

Danil Baburin

Head of QUIK development ARQA Technologies, Novosibirsk, Russia

After graduating from Novosibirsk State University in 1998 Danil has joined Relativity Technologies where he used his skills of automatic graph visualization for re-engineering the large COBOL systems and helping the industry to overcome the year 2000 problem. Then, from 2001 he took part in developing QUIK – a leader in trading platforms in Russia with more than 100 000 screens all over the world.

Vladimir Makeev

CEO and Founder Surf, Voronezh, Russia

Vladimir is a CEO and founder of Surf, one of the first Google Certified Agencies in the world. He used to be a teacher at VSU, Java/Android developer, project and product manager. In various roles contributed to dozens of projects. Now he prepares the world to be taken over by machines and promotes Machine Learning technologies. When robots come for you — remember him.

Yuriy Shmakov

Android team leader Arello mobile, Novosibirsk, Russia

I am fan of Android, have been developing under it for about 6 years, and work and spare time. I like to solve the difficulties that confront us due Android is a system for large and small devices for productive and not very cheap and expensive. I love to discuss the architecture of mobile applications and approaches to solving problems associated with the life cycle and asynchronous tasks.

Evgeny Saturov

Lead Android developer Surf, Voronezh, Russia

Evgeny leads a team of Android developers at Surf. His team was the first in Russia to implement Instant Apps in production (even before the beta release at I/O) and won the invite-only Android Pay hackathon hosted by Google. Always taking part in early access programs, Evgeny is your go-to man for the latest Android technologies.

Alda Luong

Senior Software Engineer Optimizely, San Francisco, USA

Alda is a software engineer at Optimizely, an A/B testing company in SF. She served as the tech lead for the mobile team, responsible for delivering the Optimizely Mobile X SDK onto four platforms: iOS, tvOS, Android, and AndroidTV, all of which are open sourced. Before joining Optimizely, Alda was an iOS developer at Microsoft, where she built and open sourced a number of UI features on the Skype and Yammer apps. In another life, long ago, Alda was a hardware engineer at Apple and Intel.

Vigneshwer Dhinakaran

TechSpeaker Mozilla, Bengaluru, India

Vigneshwer is an official Mozilla TechSpeaker & author of Rust CookBook who has an artistic perception of technology and business, having 3+ years of experience in various domains such as IOT, DevOps, Computer Vision & Deep Learning. He strongly believes and evangelizes that technology needs to have a human-centric design & workflow in order to cater solutions for a diverse and broader audience.

Viktor Sukochev

Senior Software Engineer Exyte, Novosibirsk, Russia

Developing iOS apps for 6 years. Faced and solved many unique challenges (e.g. smooth handwriting for currently obsolete devices). Contributing to the community via few open source projects.

Anton Doroshkevich

Chief Information Officer 1C, Moscow, Russia

Anastasya Lubennikova

Senior Developer Postgres Professional, Moscow, Russia

Ivan Kartyshov

Core developer Postgres Professional, Moscow, Russia

Dmitry Ivanov

Senior Developer Postgres Professional, Moscow, Russia

Mikhail Kulagin

DBA Postgres Professional, Moscow, Russia

Wire Snark

Team leader Mera, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

A system developer, mainly works with Linux and Android-based services and daemons; as a security researcher is involved in source code audits and reverse-engineering of applications. Supports privacy, anonymity, and security of users.

Alexey Zolotykh

Frontend developer Wrike, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Alexey is a frontend developer in Wrike with 9 years experience of frontend development. He has completed more than 100 sites and made more than 30 single page applications. He is love Angular 2+ and Dart.

Evgeny Gusev

Frontend TeamLead Wrike, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Dart + Angular 3 developer, speaker. For a long time Evgeny was engaged in .NET, Microsoft stack. He worked at Quest Software, then at Dell, where he began to engage in frontend. Currently Evgeny is working in Wrike (www.wrike.com), the heavy-duty SAAS application with a very rich client code. Wrike team writes on Dart and Angular and aims to be up to date with modern trends in the Web world.

Sergey Pugachev

Technical Solutions Consultant Google, Moscow, Russia

Starting from the end of 2014 Sergey Pugachev is working at Google. He is responsible for monetization platforms support for Russian and European customers. Before Google, Sergey worked at Microsoft for more than 4 years. He is an author of several books on application development. And he was a speaker at numerous conferences, including all DevCon, TechEd Russia, Patterns & Practices Summit and others. In 2009-2012 was a Microsoft MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional).

Mikhail Viceman

CEO Trinity Digital, Moscow, Russia

Mikhail – CEO Trinity Digital. Since 2004 working as developer. In 2013 founded mobile development studio. Speech will be focused on the libraries to display the VR 360 panoramas. Technical aspects and examples on Android.

Jon Ander Novella

Rsearch assistant Uppsala universitet, Uppsala, Sweden

With a background in Computer Engineering and Bioinformatics, Jon Ander works as a Research Assistant at the Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics group at Uppsala University, Sweden. His main interests lie in the field of information science, including: medical informatics, large-scale data infrastructures, cloud computing solutions, decision support systems and ubiquitous mobile computing. Recently, he has been working with Pachyderm: a workflow engine designed for reproducible large-scale data processing.

Beata Romanovsky

Policy Strategist YouTube Trust & Safety, Google

Aleksey Fadeev

Developer SibEDGE, Tomsk, Russia

Aleksandr Denisov

Lead Software Engineer Netckracker, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Aleksandr is a business logic and database specialist. He has been a professional developer for more than 10 years. Before he used to work with C++ and C#, but recently he has shifted to Java. Aleksandr is also a founder of GDG Nizhny Novgorod. After attending Google I/O 2016 he has been carried away with learning Firebase.

Andrey Akinshin

Senior Software Developer JetBrains, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Andrey is a senior developer at JetBrains, where he works on Rider (a cross-platform .NET IDE based on the IntelliJ platform and ReSharper). His favorite topics are performance and micro-optimizations, and he is the maintainer of BenchmarkDotNet (a powerful .NET library for benchmarking supported by the .NET Foundation). Andrey is a frequent speaker at various events for developers, and he is the program director of the DotNext conference. Andrey is also a PhD in computer science, a Microsoft .NET MVP, a silver medalist of ACM ICPC. In his free time, he likes to study science (his primary research interests are mathematical biology and bifurcation theory).

Sergey Kuks

ReSharper Project Manager JetBrains, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Sergey is a project manager and a technical lead of ReSharper project in JetBrains. He has contributed to most parts of it varying from action system to ASP.NET and XAML support. As an early adopter of Kotlin language Sergey was one of the original developers of the Exposed - Kotlin SQL framework and JetBrains customer portal.

Konstantin Bulenkov

Project Manager JetBrains, Munich, Germany

Konstantin is a project manager of JetBrains Toolbox App and a team leader of IntelliJ Platform UI at JetBrains. Together with team Konstantin is making professional software development a more productive and enjoyable experience. Konstantin is the author of Darcula theme as well as many other UI features in IntelliJ Platform.